Learn to Grow one community

Your children deserve a quality education

We can’t stand by while our kids are left behind in the classroom. A quality education is the first step to giving them the foundations to thrive well into their adult lives.

I agree
Every vote counts

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and you want them to have the opportunity to flourish.

Vanessa, mother of two

Learn to Grow

is a campaign by South Australians who believe we need to invest in education today so our kids can lead tomorrow.

The problem

Fund education,
fund our future

We’re worried about our future: our jobs, housing and training. Now more than ever we need to prepare our children for the future.

Every school child has a basic right to learn and be engaged in the classroom. To do this, we need funding for the programs they need to succeed.

What’s a quality education?

Who can fix it

You can make a difference.
Help stop cuts to education.

The Federal Government can stop this.

You can help to let your local representatives, and fellow South Australian and Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham know that you want an Australia that will invest in our children’s future.

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